Celeste Sani-Pak Toilet Deodorant Liquid - 1 Quart

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Celeste Sani-Pak Toilet Deodorant Liquid - 1 Qt

Sani-Pak toilet deodorant – developed over 40 years ago for military use – is recognized worldwide as the benchmark in aircraft lav chemical deodorants, and today is also used in rail, mass transit, marine, recreational vehicles and portable toilets.  Sani-Pak’s key features include a non-staining deep blue color, pleasant fragrance, and a unique additives package designed to control odors and reduce tar buildup in system lines and holding tanks. All Sani-Pak products have been the industry standard for both inherent malodors and generated malodors (including ammonia generation), as well as maintaining components and mechanical parts free from tar buildup.

Unlike other products in the industry, Sani-Pak products are not based on quaternary ammonium technology (which contributes to organic tar buildup) or on high loadings of fragrance to cover or mask malodors. Instead, they are made up of a unique balance of properties that result in application performance that is both safe and effective for today’s commercial airline.

SP-97000M Series (liquid) – Based on the industry’s need for cost control, SP-97000M is a rebalance of fragrance, color and odor suppression additives to create a toilet deodorant that maintains excellent malodor control with reduced usage cost compared to standard SP-97000. Although lower cost than SP-97000, SP-97000M maintains excellent corrosion properties and the ability to keep sensors, valves and other mechanical parts of the toilet free of organic tar buildup and in good working order.