CitriCut Xtra - Citrus Based Cleaner, Wetwash, Drywash

Nuvite Chemical

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CITRICUT XTRA is a citrus based cleaner and sealer and preservative that provides a wide
range of airframe cleaning capabilities. CITRICUT XTRA provides exceptional cleaning
power and protection while enhancing paint gloss.

Normal Cleaning: Dilute CITRICUT XTRA 1:8 – 1:20* with water depending on soil conditions and cleaning frequency. Apply to aircraft by spray or mop starting at the bottom and working upwards keeping the surface wet. Agitate surface to loosen soils and rinse with water.

Manual Chemwipe Method: Use CITRICUT XTRA full strength or up to 1:4* dilution depending upon soil conditions. Agitate surface with a brush or pad to loosen soils. Use soft terry towels while wiping area. Final buff to shine using damp terry towel.

For best results, please consult with UPI/Nuvite technical staff for further recommendations, and application techniques.

  • Heavy-duty cleaner effective on dirt, carbon, grease, hydraulic fluids and lubricants with formulated polymers for paint protection
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for operator use
  • Conforms to airframe OEM standards and specifications