Dykem® - Opaque Staining Color


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DYKEM® Staining Colors provide quick identification on a variety of component parts. These stains repel oils as they adhere without flaking and scaling. DYKEM® Staining Colors are easily applied by brushing or spraying and dry quickly to the touch. Transparent and Opaque colors are available.

Opaque Stains:
 These stains apply slightly thicker than the transparent stains and take slightly longer to dry. They provide better hiding/opacity.

  • Perform well on light and dark tinted metals
  • Provide excellent coverage properties and opacity
  • Thickness can be adjusted by adding DYKEM® Remover & Prep
  • Fast drying
  • Resists cracking, chipping, flaking or scaling
  • Will not interfere with moving parts when applied thin

USES:  Identify parts, inventory, work in progress, tools, assemblies, or finished goods