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BPTO 2380 or Eastman Turbine Oil 2380 formally BP Turbo Oil is still one of the most widely used turbine oils in the commercial aviation industry. It was one of the first turbine oils to be qualified and approved for Mil-PRF-23699 STD (Standard) class and subsequently SAE AS5780 SPC (Standard Performance Capability) class.

If you’re looking for exceptional accessory performance then Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 delivers, with extended on-wing accessories lifespan and improved reliability. BPTO 2380 has also been found to neutralise the effects of Copper (Cu) – with superior metal passivation results showing reduced oxidation and sludge formation.

Eastman - 2380 Turbine Oil Product Description:
EastmanTurbo Oil 2380 is a 5 cSt synthetic lubricant that is approved against US military specification MIL-PRF-23699 STD, and UK military specification DEF STAN 91-101 (replaced DERD 2499).  This lubricant provides a balanced combination of thermal and oxidation stability, load carrying capacity, lower volatility and has the best low temperature flow characteristics of all 5 cSt turbine oils.

Eastman - 2380 Turbine Oil Applications:
Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 is recommended for the lubrication of most fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft gas turbines and accessories. It is also recommended for the lubrication of aero-derived gas turbines in industrial power generation, offshore and marine applications.

Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 has been approved by a wide range of engine and accessory manufacturers for their applicable equipment, including:

  • Rolls-Royce, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Pratt & Whitney Aero Power APUs (formally Hamilton Sundstrand), United Technologies Aerospace Systems (formally Hamilton Sundstrand), Honeywell, CFMI, IAE, MTU and Turbomeca.

The wide range of approvals make it an ideal single oil solution for many aircraft.
Easman BP - 2380 Turbine Oil Advantages:

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 has the best low temperature viscosity properties among all 5 cSt oils.
  • Minimum formation of varnish and sludge deposits over long periods of use.
  • Very benign to commonly used seal materials in gas turbines.
  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 is among the best of its class and provides excellent protection to bearings, gears, and other highly loaded lubricated surfaces.
  • Its high degree of oxidation resistance permits a long period of operation without significant increase in viscosity
  • and/or total acidity.

Eastman - 2380 Turbine Oil - MIL-PRF-23699 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer P/N : BPTO 2380
  • Alt. P/Ns : PWC03-001, 2380QT:Case, 217556-CASE
  • Military Standard : MIL-PRF-23699F
  • Approvals : Pratt & Whitney PWA 521, Pratt & Whitney PMC 79873