Sontara Aircraft Wipes Twin Pack - AC12165 - 250 Wipes


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Sontara Aircraft Wipes Twin Pack - AC12165 -250 Wipes

2 Boxes of 125 12"X16" Aircraft Wipes

Consistently clean, exceptionally absorbent
Every DuPont™ Sontara® aerospace grade wipe is clean right out of the box. In
contrast, rental towels can still contain chemical residue, stains, and metal
shavings after laundering. Rags made from used clothing are often stained
and lack the absorbency and other characteristics needed for critical cleaning.

Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are great for wiping surfaces dry because
they’re made of “thirsty” fiber blends that contain no additives that hinder
absorbency. And they’re ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are specially engineered to resist snagging
on metal parts and corners. That’s why they’re superior to paper wipes that
snag and tear, leaving lint behind. Sontara® aerospace grade wipes also
outperform cheesecloth, which can fray and leave behind threads that
result in rework.

Advantages that reduce costs
• Exceptionally clean—contains no binders, chemical residue, contaminants or metal
shavings that can result in surface damage or rework
• Higher absorbency rate can result in wiping jobs being completed more quickly
• Low-lint performance helps to minimize defects and contamination
• Durable—high strength fiber blend makes Sontara® Aerospace grade wipes
less likely to snag on metal parts and sharp corners
• Tackles isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK, and other aggressive solvents without
falling apart
• Very absorbent—fewer wipes needed to complete the task results in fewer
wipes to dispose of